Taiwan Chamber of Commerce
and Industrial in the Philippines,Inc.
時間:Jan 30, 2016 星期六(Saturday) 下午:3:00~6:00 P.M.
地點: 10th Floor # 648 Tower A Royal Plaza Twin Tower Remedios St., Malate, Metro Manila, 1004 Philippines


  1.   一月份活動說明及報告
  2.  二月份預計活動


  1. Call to Order.  主席宣佈:會議開始
  2. Secretary General Certification of a quorum. (50% of directors plus 1) 秘書長清點開會法定最低人數(理事過半加1名)
  3. President’s Report – The recent status of Chamber. 會長報告
  4. Vice president’s report- monthly report and expect project. 副會長報告: 本月會報及未來執行工作或計畫
  5. Comments, suggestions and support to the above Administrative process. 各與會人員針對上列幹部之報告事項,請提出評論、建議、及看法
  6. President’s summary report. 會長總結
  7. Other Matters 臨時動議
  8. Chairman of the Board summary of report and recommendation. 理事主席講評及建議
  9. Chairman’s Ratification that all matter are taken and all meeting results comply with Chamber’s policy. Instruction to Secretariat to make summary of  the minutes of meeting,   submit to the President for review and  send to all directors within 5 working days. 理事主席追認當下會議所有議決事務及結論有確切符合本會規章,且指示祕書處完整紀錄此次會議內容,呈送會長覆閱,並在五天內提報各理事本次會議紀錄,上傳到商會網站。
  10. Adjournment  會議結束
袐書處 制表
By Order of the Board of Directors